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Welcome to Just Jump Trampolining


Specialists in delivering Trampolining and Rebound Therapy sessions to adults and children with disabilities



We hope you do not miss this opportunity to have a great time whilst developing your skills and movement abilities


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Rebound Therapy


Exercises on the trampoline improve muscle tone for those with limited mobility, and flexibility in those whose physical condition causes muscle rigidity. Balance and spatial awareness is also improved using the trampoline, building confidence in movement. 


Please clicke HERE for more information on Rebound Therapy.

Skill Development


Participation at all skill levels is encouraged at Just Jump. Trampolining provides a host of stimulating sensory experiences. You can enjoy the pure sensation bouncing on a trampoline brings, or, develop new skills that bring a tremendous feeling of achievement and self confidence.  

Fun with the hidden Benefit of Exercise


Trampolining is great fun.  We keep the sessions fun and active with different movements and skills.  The benefits for the performers are phsycological as well as physical, giving stimulation to senses and increases physical movements.  Each session is targetted to the needs of the individuals.  

Competitive Trampolining at its Best


Congratulations to our 3 British Trampoline Championship qualifiers.


Over the weekend of 6-8 July 2012, our 3 qualifying competitors battled it out at the British Championships against tough opposition.


Group: Category 1 Female (learning disabilities)

Kirsty won her British title back, after coming second last year.  Kirsty has now won the British title 3 times since GMPD (gymnastics and Movement for people with disabilities) was included in the Trampoline British Championships in 2009.


Group: Category 1 Male (learning disabilities)

Alastair performed a stunning routine and came a very grand 4th place


Group: Category 2 Male (physical disabilities)

Joe performed a fantastic routine, against very tough competition and came a grand 4th place.


Congratulations to you all, we are very proud of your achievements.

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